Bock Hungary (Noszlop) iaugurated the new warehouse on 20.05.2016.

Postbauer-Heng, 04. May 2015 – the market leader for supplying the office chair industry is developing constantly further for meeting new standards - innovative, intelligent and smart concepts for ....

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Bock North America

Bock North America has a new high-tech and up-to-date plastic processing production, equipped with more than 29 injection moulding machines, as well as a cold cure foam equipment.

In our Canada location, we not only benefit from the excellent infrastructure of Toronto, but also from the physical proximity to our customers in North America. Fast response times and short delivery distances enable us to offer high-quality plastic and polyurethane components on a long-term basis worldwide.

Bock Germany

We are present wherever our customers need us to be. Our location in Germany covers our entire range of services, with our headquarters based in Postbauer-Heng/Bavaria. Our Thuringia subsidiary specializes in injection-moulding manufacture, polyurethane processing and module assembly.

Bock Hungary

Three subsidiaries in Hungary support us in the divisions of mould-making, plastic injection moulding, aluminium parts processing, module assembly, foaming and polyurethane processing. The company ensures our competitiveness when it comes to offering high quality components at favourable prices. Our own vehicle pool manages the entire daily internal transport between our locations in Hungary and Germany.